Sociology Basics

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  • Sociology Basics
    • Norms
      • Unwritten rules of society
    • Values
      • Sense of right or wrong driven by beliefs and/or cultural needs
    • Identity
      • Represents who you are
    • Status
      • A position we play in society e.g Child, Friend
    • Roles
      • A given social position
    • Culture
      • A group of people that believe in similar thinngs
    • Subculture
      • A smaller group within a culture
    • Primary Socialisation
      • Your first source of influence e.g family
    • Secondary Socialisation
      • Anywhere outside the family home
    • Formal Social Control
      • Laws/Rules about wicked behaviour e.g Police and Jury
    • Informal Social Control
      • Rewards or punishes people for acceptable or inappropriate behaviour
    • Rewards
      • A thing given in recognition
    • Sanctions
      • Reward or punishment that a norm associates with
    • Agents of Socialisation
      • People such as parents that help integrate individuals into society


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