Sociology Basics

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  • Sociology Basics
    • Norms
      • unwritten rules of society e.g swearing in public.
    • Values
      • things we  consider important e.g educational achievement and respect for life.
    • Identity
      • how you see and present yourself e.g the way you dress, the type of music you listen to, your actions.
    • Roles
      • the part you play in society e.g student parent, child.
    • Status
      • Achieved
        • worked for, talent e.g singers etc.
      • Ascribed
        • born into e.g royal family
    • Cultures
      • the way of lfie of a society, this includes norms, values, religion, faith, language, art, music.
        • Subculture
          • a culture within a culture which has a different identity.


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