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    • feminist
      • Education encourages women into gendered stereotypes work
        • Stanworth
      • Education maintains gender stereotypes through the hidden curriculum
        • kelly
      • Boys dominate the classroom in schools which means girls are disadvantaged
        • Culley
      • Education transmits dominant ideologies
        • Oakley
    • Marxist
      • Education system transmits dominant ideology
        • Althusser
      • The education system creates anti-school subcultures
        • willis
      • The education system is to set a docile and subservient workforce
        • bowles and gintis
      • Meritocracy is a myth= working class are made to be disadvantaged
        • Bourdieu
    • new right
      • the education system is meritocratic, the reason why working class do not achieve is because they lack genetics
        • Saunders
      • the education system cannot be a one size fits all
        • 1988 education reform act
      • the education system provides key socialisation, the underclass do not succeed because they do not value education
        • murray
      • their needs to be more competition between schools
    • functionalist
      • education sift and sorts students into their appropriate job roles
        • davis and moore
      • education is an agency of secondary socialisation- passes down important norms and values
        • Durkheim
      • education acts as a bridge between the family and the workplace, helping to prepare students for being future employees
        • parson
      • the education system is meritocratic
        • merton


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