Social and Cultural Impacts of Tourism geography

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  • Social and Cultural Impacts of Tourism
    • Raise standard of living
      • Schools
      • Hospitals
      • Medicine
    • Sharing local foods
    • Sharing traditions
    • People WANT to experience other people's lives - appriciation
    • Tourists interest can cause monuments being preserved, e.g. Great Wall of China
    • Maldives split locals from the tourists
    • Pressure on local services
    • House prices rise
    • Locals don't know everybody anymore
    • Traditional dances modified for tourists
    • Watered down culture
    • See you have wealth - begging and stealing
    • Ignoring local language and speaking english
    • Encouraging prostitution and maybe crime
    • Ignoring local fress codes - e.g. Dubai
    • Drinking, offensive and loud
    • Not behaving in religious places
    • Peak times
      • Congestion
      • Food
      • Sewage problems
    • some just go to a small part of the community
    • Cultural displays turn to novelty
      • Traditional items lose value


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