Social Action Theory/Interpretivism - Theory (and Methods) Unit 4

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  • Social Action Theory - Interpretivism
    • Combining structure and action
      • Subcultural theories that by contrast are macro level that see society as objective
      • Voluntaristic theories that see society as inter-subjective
    • Giddens' Structuration Theory
      • Duality of structure and agency - two sides of the same coin; neither can exist without the other
      • Our actions, produce, reproduce and change structures; it makes our actions possible in the first place
    • Repreducing structures through agency
      • Rules: The norms, customs and the laws that govern action
      • Resources: both economic resources and power over others
      • R&R Can be either reproduced or changed through human action
      • We also reproduce existing structures because we have a deep-seated need for ontological security
    • Changing structures through agency
      • 2. Our actions may have 'unintended' consequences
      • 1. We reflexively monitor our actions and deliberately choose a new course of action
    • Micro/Macro-approaches


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