Social policy 7

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  • Social Policy
    • Familial ideology
      • suggest that the family is: natural, normal, opposite sex parents, care for children, nuclear family is best and single-parent families are a crisis of society
    • New Right Policies
      • Strengthen the traditional family in the following ways
      • Marriage couples allowance = tax relief to encourage marriage rather than co-habiting couples
    • New Labour policies
      • Wanted to promote the nuclear family and discourage lone-parent families BUT recognised that the family was changing
      • Flexible working patterns
    • State V Market
      • Most countries are becoming more equal in gender but there is no inevitable march of progress towards gender equality
      • Neo-Liberal Policies have encouraged people to use the market rather than state
        • Care in Community policies encouraged families to take responsibility of the elderly, disabled or sick in their own home.
          • Created dual earner families or the woman to stay home to care for them.
    • Shared parental leave 2015 - can share up to 50 weeks
    • Civil Partnership act 2003 - enables same-sex couples to get married
    • Parental advice and relationship guidance 2010
    • Equality act 2010 - prevented discrimination of women in the workplace
    • Donzelot - sees social policies as a form of state power over families. CCTV is a way to observe and monitor families. He argues health visitors/ doctors use their knowledge to change families (known as 'policing of families')
    • Cross-Cultural social policies = 1.China's one child policy 2. Romania's enforced Baby Boom


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