Social policy and theoretical views

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  • social policy
    • Divorce reform act (1969)
      • Makes it easier for couples to escape unhappy marriages
      • Results in more single parent and reconstituted families
      • Neither partner had to prove fault lay with their partner
    • Maternity/ Paternity pay
      • Employees are eligiable if they and their partner are having a child, adopting a child
        • Maternity reinforces gender roles
    • Child support agency
      • Supports towards everyday living costs when you are seperated
      • This increases the rate of divorce
      • Ensures the other parent pays child maintenance
    • Theoretical perspectives on family and social policy
      • Functionalism
        • View sociology as a science, through scientific research they are able to discover problems and solutions in soceity
        • See state as serving the needs of soceity
        • Policies helps soceity run smoothly
      • New right
        • Believe the state should have minimal involement in soceity
        • Oppose state involvement in family
        • Want new policies to restore respomnsibility in the family.
      • Marxism
        • Soceity is divided by conflict of interest in which capitalist class exploit the labour of the WC
        • The state represents the ruling class
        • The role of sociologists is to reveal the exploitation that underpins capitalism
      • Feminism
        • Soceity is based on coflict
        • Soceity is based on a patriarchy
        • Marxists and radical feminists reject that changes made in law can liberate women


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