Social Policy 1990 -2007 Part 2

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  • Social Policy 1990 - 2007
    • race relations
      • appeared to be good progress in relations late 1980s
        • seen more multicultural & no mass outbreaks of disorder
      • series of riots 1991 & 1992 in towns & cities across Oxford to Newcastle to Burnley involved mainly white young men on deprived council estates
      • 1987 election 4 non-white MPs elected - held seats 1992
      • progress not always consistent
        • 1992 black candidate Cheltenham - Taylor lost to Lib Dems
          • rumours of racism from local Tories
      • tensions between young black men & police
      • 1990s sharp rise in the number of asylum seekers fleeing from Afghanistan, Iraq & Somalia
        • also caused many immigrants from New Commonwealth (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) to come to Britain
      • concerns over muslim integration in British society due to increasing muslim population
        • clear tensions over British values & Islamic beliefs
    • workers
      • historically, Lab. Party was the party of the workers
        • elected 1997 many believed strong connection with the TUs would make them more sympathetic to TU concerns
      • however, 1980s decline of TU continues
        • % workforce with union membership fell 29% - 26%
      • Lab. also did not repeal the TU legislation that had been passed 1979 & 1997
        • they were actually openly critical of TUs & strikers
      • Lab. preferred to empathise pro-business attitude
      • although govt. protected the rights of workers & employers who moved from public to private sector
        • they allowed contracting to continue & extended the privatisations of the 1980s & 1990s
      • govt. welcomed globalisation as an opportunity for economic growth
    • youth
      • Lab. govt. focuses a lot on youth
        • wanted to be youthful alternative to the Tories
      • Blair was young, had 3 school aged children & a fourth born in 2000
        • more in touch with the people
        • this was an image that was emphasised
        • he also hosted a celeb party at Downing Street with youth icons of music, films & fashion
      • a key objective was to end social exclusion
        • SOcial Exclusion Unit set up 1997
          • led to esbt. of Sure Start Centres that helped families with children with guidance & information
      • 1999 Blair pledged to end child poverty in the next 20 year (child tax credit policy helped to bring it down 1/4 by 2005)
      • Lab. also aimed 50% to go onto uni
        • to produce highly skilled workers to help future economy
      • still crime in youth
        • Anti-Social Behaviour Disorder (ASBO) introduced
          • court order which put limits on what the defendant could do
            • breaching was a criminal offence
          • by 2005, 46% ASBO to under 17 year olds
    • multicultural society
      • ripe with ethnic diversity
        • 1997-2007 the nature of multicultural Britain was being debated
        • globalisation accelerated the movement of people & rapid expansion of the European Union led the way for people to move to Britain
      • migrants were unskilled (only some skilled professionals); those who already lived here & students & asylum seekers
      • mosques & ethnic churches were apparent, multicultural festivals occurred
      • 2012 Olympic Games showed its society
      • some people however were alienated from Britain's diverse culture
      • also encouraged terrorism
        • 7/7 - 52 killed & 21/7 follow up attacks


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