Social Class Differences in Education

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  • Class Differences in Education
    • Material (economic and social)
      • Douglas found that poor housing conditions can led to lower attainment
      • Poor diet
      • Lack of resources
      • To afford higher education
      • Unable to send child to pre-school: affcets attainment
      • Part-time jobs- less time to focus on study
    • Cultural (values, attitudes, language)
      • Douglas argues that the factor most influential over a child's attainment is the parents intrest in their child's education
      • Parents level of education
      • Bernstein's Restricted and Elaborated Speech Code
        • Working class children are less likely to have intellectual and devlepoved langauge hence restricted.
      • Bourdieu's Habatis- Cultural Capital
        • Less access into intelligent culture
      • Bourdiue's Habitas- Social Capital
        • WC class kids lack social networking (the right people) and influence
    • Factors within school
    • Criticisms
      • Exaggeration – They tend to exaggerate the differences between attitudes of social classes
      • Overlooking the effect of material factors – Douglas said that working-class parents don’t have as much interest as middle-class parents; however it could be that they are interested, they just cant show that interest due to long working hours, lack of knowledge etc.
      • Ignoring the role of schools – a lot of these points don’t take into consideration the effect school itself can have, it could be that middle class pupils do better because of the way they are treated in school, not because of their background.
      • Risk letting schools “off the hook” – If we completely blame parents and home situations then it does not pressure schools into changing and improving, even though it may be their fault completely


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