Identity + Class

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    • Bourdieu
      • economic, cultural and social capital
      • passed on from parent to child and through education
    • Keddie
      • teachers perceptions and class
      • middle class = top set
      • working class = lower sets
    • Karl Marx
      • religion maintains class inequality
      • reinforces hierarchy and distracts working class from oppression
    • Feinstein
      • middle class parents place more emphasis on value of education
      • difference in achievement is due to lack of parental interest
    • Wilmot + Young
      • working class value family life
      • middle class focus on work and career
    • Bruce
      • working class = passive forms of religion eg. astrology
      • middle class = control and personal development eg. self-healing or Buddhism
    • Mooney
      • upper class exercise social closure
    • Glennon + Butsch
      • working class = underrepresented in the media, comically
      • middle class = overrepresented, cope effectively
    • Grey
      • working class use tv and video games more than middle classes


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