Social Class

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  • Social Class
    • Social Class - Group of people sharing occupational level, income and wealth
      • Subcultures and Identies
        • Upper class
          • An exclusive upbringing and lifestyle, and close kinship through intermarriageswith similar families.
          • Secondary socialisation through an education based around private boarding schools
          • High levels of cultural capital
          • A sense of leadership and superiority over others
          • A network of privileged social contact that supports them gaining access to positions of power.
        • Working-Class
          • A close-knit community lifestyle
          • Men are the main breadwinners
          • Consumption of popular culture
          • Immediate gratification  enjoying pleasures immediately
          • Fatalism - acceptance of situation
          • Little commitment to education
        • The Underclass
          • High levels of lone parenthood
          • Drunkennes
          • Crime, fiddling of benefit system and drug abuse
          • Exclusion from school and education failure
          • Work-shy attitudes - Living of benefits
    • Social classes influence:
      • Educational achievement
        • Housing
          • Health
            • Leisure activities
              • Consumer Goods
    • Bourdieu
      • Class Habitus
      • Each social class learn different socilisation
        • This includes a difference in Languages, attitudes and cultural attitudes
          • Shown by leisure activities, consumer goods and fashion
          • Those who have the class habitus of the dominant class also have cultural capital


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