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  • Slavery
    • Triangular slave trade
      • Europe-Africa. Europe take goods to Africa in exchange for slaves
      • Africa-America. "Middle Passage" many slaves died in the boat conditions
        • When they arrived in America they were sold in auctions "scrambles"
      • America- Europe. Raw materials (sugar, tobacco) made by slaves
    • Slave life
      • Work
        • Worked in plantations
        • Worked in upper class houses
      • Music and Celebration
        • Slaves were Muslim but owners tried to make them Christian
        • sang freedom songs while they worked
      • Living Conditions
        • basic and uncomfortable
        • died young
        • cramped
        • poor diet
    • Abolished
      • Actions of slaves
        • ran away
        • demand wages
        • refuse to work
      • Actions of white middle class abolitionists
        • fought for freedom in court
        • made petitions
        • speeches
        • research on conditions
      • Actions of white working class abolitionists
        • signed petitions


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