Slavery and Native Americans

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  • Slavery and Native Americans
    • During the war,free black men,slaves and Native Americans had fought both sides but most Native Americans sided with the British. The declaration of Independence,1776 famously says that "all men are created equal" but this did not apply to slaves in some states. For Native Americans the consequences of war were very bad indeed.
    • The declaration of Independence and slavery
      • Significance for slavery:North
        • Pennsylvania passed laws in 1700 that began the abolition of slavery
        • In Massachusetts from 1781, slaves appealed to the court that the phrase "all men were created equal" meant they should be given their freedom. They were successful and slavery ended in Massachusetts relatively quickly
        • Elsewhere, it took much more longer for example slavery was not fully abolished in New York until 1827
    • Significance of Slavery:South
      • By 1780, the economies of the Southern colonies were heavily dependent on slavery
      • Slave owners were allowed to free their slaves in their wills.
      • Slavery continued in the South but there were few improvements such a slaves were allowed to free their slaves under certain circumstances


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