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    • Good Communication Skills
      • Good Listener
      • Good Speaker
        • Clear spoken words at a speed which isn't too fast
        • Grab attention of other students in the discussion
        • Be confident in in my point I am making
      • Emphasises clarity of my thoughts
    • Cooperation Skills
      • Acknowledging other’s point of view
      • Giving others a chance to speak
      • Rephrasing something a student has said that you agree with and expanding, giving credit to the original speaker
      • Help students who are struggle to word their point by giving them an opening to help with their knowledge
    • Leadership Qualities
      • Give others an opportunity to speak
      • If you disagree, put your point through politely stating the reasons
      • Don’t lose your temper or insult anyone
      • Be open to suggestions and different opinions
      • Never try and dominate other candidates. Let them speak without getting into a fight.
    • Analytical Skills
      • Analyse the topic following up with a relevant fact or statement.
      • Don't blabber on - ensure the is a point in what I am saying
      • Summarise/ conclude the group discussion at the end
    • Subject knowledge
      • Providing facts and figures


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