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  • Enterprise Ideas
    • Subscription Box
      • The box will be cheaper than buying everything individually
      • Obstacle: There are other companies that make subscription boxes
        • However: most subscription boxes are not available for UK residents
          • Mainly in the USA
      • For students
        • Academic
        • Creative
      • The price of each box will cost different depending on what box the individual purchases
        • Certain boxes will cost more than others
      • Location
        • Start in the bosses garage/spare room
          • Advantage: Will save the cost of rent, for separate location)
          • Obstacle:  Will become too small of a space
            • Overcome: After the first year, if the box becomes a greater success, we will move the business to a bigger space
      • Competitors
        • Scrawller Box
        • PaperGang
        • Artsnacks
        • Collage art packs providing by the art department
    • Coleg Gwent HWB
      • Can keep people up to date with events and revision session
      • Obstacle: The collage wouldn't 'support' the app
      • No financial benefit
      • Can help people with revision, essays and homework
      • Can be used by a variety of people
        • Students
        • Staff
      • People would be eager to use the app
      • Skills
        • IT
        • Digital Literacy
        • Numeracy
      • Competitor
        • CG Connect
        • The Student Room
        • Ger Revising


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