Skeletal System Pt.4

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  • Skeletal System Pt.4
    • Connective Tissues
      • Ligaments
        • Hold Bones together to restrict how much joints can move.
        • Helps maintain stability of the skeleton & prevents dislocation at joints.
        • Made of tough & fibrous tissue.
      • Tendons
        • Attach muscles to bones ( / to other muscles) to allows bones to move when muscles contract.
      • Cartilage
        • Acts as a cushion between bones to prevent damage during joint movement.
    • Synovial Joint.
      • Ball & socket, hinge, condyloid & pivot joints are all synovial
      • A synovial joint is a joint that allows a wide range of movement & has a joint capsule enclosing & supporting it.
      • 1) Bones at synovial joint are held together by ligaments.
      • 2) Ends of the bones are covered in cartilage & are shaped so they fit together & can move smoothly.
      • 3) Synovial membrane releases synovial fluid into joint capsule to lubricate the joint, allowing it to move more easily
      • 4) Most synovial joints also have sacs of fluid called bursae  ( one is bursa) which reduce friction between bones and tissues in and around joint.
      • 5) This structure helps to prevent injury to bones that make nup your joints


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