Skeletal System Physical Education GCSE

Skeletal system for my end of year exam

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Skeletal System

What are the 3 function of the skeletal system and explain each.

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Skeletal System

  • Support - the skeletal system give the body it's framework which gives it shape and effects the compostion and the frame size of the body.
  • Movement - where bones meet, they form joints, these act as levels. Tendons attatch bones to muscles which allows the body to perform a variety of movements.
  • Protection - The skeletal system protects the organs.
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Skeletal System

What are the 3 types of joints and what are hinge joints and ball and socket joints?

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3 Types of joints

  • Immovable/fixed/fiborous
  • Slightly moveable/cartilaginous
  • Freeley moveable/synovial

Hinge and ball +socket joints

  • A hinge joint - allows a joint to open until it's straight. 
  • A ball and socket joint - one bone has a ball which fits into the socket onf another bone.
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Skeletal System

What are the movment possibilities of the skeletal system?

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Skeletal System

  • Flexion - decreasing the angle at a joint
  • Extension - increasing the angle at a joint
  • Abduction - movement away from the midline of the boy
  • Aduction - movement towards the midline of the body
  • Rotation - Movement around the midline of the body.
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Skeletal System

What are the two effects of exercise?

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Skeletal System

  • 1) Increased bone density - the body helps the bone get heavier through exericse when it gets stronger
  • 2) Ligaments and tendons become thicker and stronger - that increases joint flexibility and the power in the movement.
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Skeletal System

What are simple and compound injuries and what is RICE?

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Skeletal System

  • Simple/closed - where the bone remains under the skin.
  • Compound/open - when the bone rips through the surface of the skin.

RICE = Rest, ice, compression and elevation and is used for bone fracture.

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