FPTP single plurality

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  • single plurality (FPTP)
    • Keeps extremist parties out of parliament.
    • Close links with constituencies
      • They represent their views in parliament.
        • People have argues that the fptp system is worth preserving because of this.
    • FPTP is seen as undemocratic.
      • Because you do not require a overall majority.
    • If the uk was to have a more proportional system then we would be brought into line with the modern countries such as: USA.
    • The system no longer works as the turnout is falling.
    • This system is quick as the result is found easily.
    • The system is very simple as the electorate only need to put 1 cross.
    • This system is tired and has been tested.
    • The system has delivered some good prime minister e.g Clement Attlee 1945 election and his post war consensus. Margaret Thatcher the first female PM Introduced poll tax and won the Falklands War.
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    • Delivers a strong single party gov
      • With a clear electoral mandate.
      • However this was not shown in the 2010 election when a coalition was appointed as no party had enough seats.
    • The two party adversarial system offers the electorate a clear mandate
      • Now in the UK we have consensus system.


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