sexual selection A2/3

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  • sexual selection A02/3
    • Penton-voak et al menstrual cycle slightly feminised face long term relationship   ,fertile phase masculised face efficient immune system poss > mixed mating strategy good genes, long term partner kind etc
    • Clarke et al gender diff short term mating men and women campusgo out, back to my apartment, sex  75% males+ sex, females = 0
    • Miller et al lap dancer  in us got more 2X tips when in ovulation phase gave out signals fertile
    • Buss long term mating preferences 37 cultures, 10,000 females good financial prospects, men  youth, attractiveness, men and women kindness+  intelligence = good parenting
    • Methodolgy Most of research = preferences Buss real life marriages, 29 cultures actual marriages choose younger women + men divorce re marry younger women
    • IDA Gender bias in short term mating theory      Buss - stm females use for good genes or mate switching, leaving poor quality mate= jealousy
    • IDA reductionist explanation men choose younger women social reasons power easier to control Kendrick teenage boys prefer women 5 years older.


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