evolutionary psychology

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  • evolutionary psychology
    • proximate causes; genes = blue eyes. other people ke friends influene too
      • influences within an individuals lifetime that leads to particular traits/ behaviours
    • Ultimate causes; over many years of EV traits that you have, why did they win natural selection?
    • EV constantly affects our physical features ie. hands and bones
    • shaped based on reproductive survival.
      • approach to all psychology
    • Where do traits come from?
      • physical or social/
      • genetics made same genetic material
        • 23 pairs, each has long strand dna
      • human skin contains nucleas each nucleas contains 46 chromosomes
        • = instructions for how to build yjr body
      • dna = deoxyribonucleic acid
        • DNA coiled up from chromosomes
        • double helix shaped molecule. the rings of doyble helix shape
          • complimentary chains adebibe thymine and gunanime
            • DNA made up of A-T or G-C pairs
              • dna long combo of thesepairs, when unravelled contains instructions for making proteins
        • DNA is a basis for translation into protein first into RNA then protin. Protein then perform functions in cell ie. Rhodospin
    • how is genes different from DNA
      • ganes subpart of dna molecule, codes for protein
      • one little part of dna = instructions
      • some parts of it won't be incorporated in protein butseinfo
      • 1 chro= many gemes
    • genes expressed in certain conditions....
      • translation not always automatic
      • other processes important ie. exposure exee = muscle
    • genotype = genetic package to individual, actual genes
      • phenotyoe = behavioural psy diff the way that genes are expressed
    • passing on genes are genetic variation
      • sex = two sets of chromosomes mixing; each parent 2 copes chromosome one from each parent randomly selected
      • 2 copes of genealleles one allele on chromsomene for dad but which one determines it?
        • Alleles dominant vs recessiove, dominant always express effect. Recessianother matching
    • behaviotr and genes
      • are incomplete dominance ie. half dimples
      • most behiours and traits combination of many genes andmany diff alleles
        • polygenic- risk for depression not one gene but many that predispose you
      • massive variation
    • how human life came to be
      • natural selection; allow species to be alive
        • graduan nature selects the most fit to surive
        • fiitest not fastest could mean most smart
        • VARIATION- need vary to slect from if all was the same n
          • succesfful genes accumulate ove
      • sexual selection; how these adaptations are passed via 'survival of the fittest;
        • - we select those we want to reproduce with. PEACOCKS heaompromise survival ? signal good genes
        • intrasex= same sex compete
        • sexual selection opposire chose
      • EEA . cars TV faster than evolution
    • Mate preferences
      • clark hatfield would you like sex men most of the time
      • Batesman principle - different costs repruction in sexes so more picky
      • TRivers differences investmen females = maternal males = biological
      • your mate choice is very important a disloyal fem omeone elses kid
      • Sexual orientation
        • Homosexuality - benefit wider array people as milar genes ie. bro sis ie. bees never produce themselves
        • gay
        • balanced morphism - something may have good genetic trait ie. protect malaria but predispose sickle cell anemia OVERALL GOOD but thoses that get bad side gene = gay pop at large benefit


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