jekyll and hyde setting

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  • Setting
    • Jekyll's house
      • has tow parts like Jekyll, one dark and secretive( the lab) the other side being very put together and presentable.
      • " air of wealth" shows the house is nice and expensive looking.
        • "dingy windowless structure" showing the audience the difference between the house as well as showing the lab as somewhere where things could be hid.
    • the streets of London.
      • Stevenson shows the streets as a threatening place, as that's when Mr Hyde mainly comes out, this could be representing that peoples dark side comes out at night.
      • he links the streets to nightmares and horror throughout the novel.
        • " a district of some city in a nightmare."
    • most of the settings in the novel are dark and foggy.
      • the least respectable parts of London, Hyde's house in soho.
      • showing most scenes as foggy and dark brings a factor of mystery and horror  to the scenes.
  • symbolism
    • The cane, used to kill and old man.
      • a gift given from Utterson is a symbol of a Victorian gentlemen, as well as the fact that upper class people were capable of violence.
    • Jekyll's cheque book.
      • Jekyll like most powerful Victorian men would use their money to get rid of any trouble or drama, as he did when Hyde trampled over the littler girl, however when an old man is killed Jekyll burning the book shows he cannot get out of the trouble or drama anyway.
    • The mirror
      • emphasises that Hyde is Jekyll's double
  • The mirror
    • emphasises that Hyde is Jekyll's double


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