Henry Jekyll & Edward Hyde

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  • Jekyll & Hyde
    • Jekyll treats Hyde like a separate person...
      • Jekyll creates a separate identity for his evil side.
        • Jekyll give this evil side a name - Mr Edward Hyde.
        • He furnishes a house and employs a housekeeper for Hyde.
      • Jekyll often refer to Hyde in the 3rd person to distance himself from him
        • "I find it in my heart to pity him"
    • ...but Jekyll and Hyde are two sides of the same coin.
      • Jekyll seems in many ways to be complete opposite of Hyde.
        • Jekyll has "kindness" -> Hyde is "callous"
        • Jekyll has "a tall fine build" -> Hyde is "dwarfish"
        • Jekyll has "all men's respects" -> Hyde is "damnable"
    • Jekyll increasingly loses control of Hyde
      • At first, Jekyll seems to bee in control of his immoral side. however, one morning he wakes up as Hyde without taking the drug and says that he's "slowly losing hold of my original and better self"
      • Jekyll becomes increasingly addicted to the immoral side of this personality. He compares himself to a "drunkard" and even thought he tried to stop taking the potion that turns him into Hyde, he doesnt give
      • Jekyll fights to control Hyde, but Hyde just comes out stronger.
        • Hyde murders Carew after Jekyll goes two months without turning into Hyde
      • Finally, Jekyll loses control completely, which could suggest that evil is the stronger side of our personality.


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