self report techniques

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  • Self-report techniques
    • Questionnaires
      • type of data - open q's - qualitative data, closed q's - quantitative data
      • important to avoid leading q's
      • keep questions clear and simple
      • Advantages
        • can collect a large amount of information quickly and relatively cheaply
      • Disadvantages
        • leading q's can be a problem
        • biased samples - some people are more likely to respond to a questionnaire
        • social desirability bias - what they say and what they actually think could be different
        • confidentiality can be a problem
    • Interviews
      • unstructured
        • very informal, few set q's - gives detailed qualitative data - difficult to analyse
      • structured
        • set questions, closed answers - gives less detail but easier to analyse
        • checklist - ensures no q's are left out or repeated
      • appearance and behaviour of interviewer could affect how pp's react
      • Advantages
        • can get detailed information, fewer constraints than questionnaire
      • Disadvantages
        • can be unreliable and affected by social desirability
        • conducting interviews can be time-consuming and requires skilled researchers


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