Research methods - comparing questionnaires and interviews

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  • Research methods - comparing interviews and questionnaires
    • similarities
      • both are types of self-report techniques
        • which include set questions
      • both methods can produce biased results
        • tend to be quite subjective
    • differences
      • the questionnaire can be done on their own where as the interview is done with and interviewer
        • more demand characteristic may be seen in the answers for the interview as they are under more pressure
          • however it is easier to lie in a questionnaire
        • questionnaire can be more internally valid
          • however it is easier to lie in a questionnaire
      • questionnaires can't go into too much detail because they are fixed where as a interview can get more scope of their answer
      • interviews can   produce more unnecessary information
        • and so less time effective
      • interviews can be more prone to leading questions (especially in semi-structured or unstructured interviews)


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