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  • Self Presentation (Goffman)
    • Role
      • The parts we play.
      • An organising principle of our self presentation.
      • We go through different roles during the day.
    • Performance
      • The ways in which the persona masks can be worn.
      • Put on a show to fulfil the demands of a situation.
      • Sincere vs. Cynical
        • Honest self presentation vs. disconnected self
    • Teams
      • The company we keep. One or more people.
      • Others can observe the performance or participate in it.
    • Persona
      • We select the self that best fits the situation (context).
      • Eg. You at family picnic vs. you at rock concert.
      • Personality masks we wear when undertaking roles.
    • Personal Style
      • Gives the performance fluidity and coherence.
      • Imposing personal experiences and personal style onto our performances.
    • Staging
      • The ways our self presentation is set.
      • Changing stage determines which persona is chosen.
    • "behaviours designed to create an impression for others" - Argyle
    • "Life is a dramatically enacted thing" - Goffman
  • Personality masks we wear when undertaking roles.


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