daisy pulls it off check list

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  • section b check list
    • knowledge of  the play
      • parody of a 1920's "gals'' boarding school
      • playwright is denise  deegan
      • exaggerated style     for comic effect
      • the play wrights intentions
        • to create a light hearted pastiche of life in a 'gals' boarding     school
        • a play that is reministant of Angels Brazils school girl novels
    • knowledge of the extract
      • near the  beginning of the play
      • involves the arrival of daisy  Meredith to grange wood
        • daisy is the first scholarship girl
          • this causes much      ' trepidation'
      • instand bond of friendship between daisy and tixie
      • the girls commence two lessons
        • English        composition
        • a music leson
      • Sybil    burliginton ans monica smitheres immediatley dislike diasy as the judge her by her low class
      • the extract ends with daisy and trixie figuring out that they have a shared passion for treasure hunting and decide to form, 'secret siociety
    • trixie martin
      • ,'map cap and poet of the upper fourth'
      • energetic and enthusiatic
      • thirteen year old school girl
      • goes to one of the finest schools in england
        • 'Grangewood'
          • wealthy middle class family
        • polite, well spoken as she is well educated
      • friendly and welcoming
        • extremely chummy to the new girl daisy
      • non judgemental
        • firmly believes that one should judge others by there class
          • 'she got here through brains not money, and i mean to stick by her.
      • fascinated in 'treasure hunting'
      • speaks perfect latin 'audacia et virtute adepta


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