scripted vocal skills

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  • scripted vocal skills
    • tone
      • bright cheerful
        • to show i'm an energetic girl
          • on lines such as, ' i say, isn't it capital'
      • when standing up to Sybil and Monica    my tone lowered and and i lost the brightness in my voice
        • to  show my outrage at there behaviour as they were acting like, ' unspeakable snobs' with their, 'thoroughly horrid         scheme' of giving,' daisy a perfectly ghastly time of it'.
        • serious
    • pitch
      • high pitch to show excitment
        • 'hello i say, isn't it capital, you're to be in the same dormy as me'
        • 'o jubilate'
        • 'oh heavenly'
          • to show the excitement over the prospects of forming a secret society
      • low pitch to show disapproval   at Sybil's snobbery
        • 'perhaps they should be given a chance to rise from their poorness'
    • volume
      • raised my volume
        • 'your an unspeakable snob'
          • outraged at the height of her rudeness
      • i lowered my volume when     daisy        suggested that we formed a 'secret society'
        • to show i was elated with the idea and i didn't want anyone else to over hear
    • emphasis
      • 'on the line 'grange woods a decent place. you'll survive'
        • to stress my point
        • wanted to reassure and     comfort her
        • caring considerate aspects of my character
      • 'you're doing uncommonly well, daisy everyone    tremendously impressed
        • warm and welcoming
        • i put emphasis on ' warm' and ' welcoming'
      • 'hence hope shines fourth'
        • to show elation and excitement
    • pause
      • dialogue is fractured by the repitition  of pauses
        • 'we must have a moto, a password. um...audacia et virtute adepta...'
          • stage direction to create pauses
          • deep concentration  , determined     creates comedy
    • pace
      • slowed down pace
        • 'only ragging nothing to pour the vials of wrath about'
          • to creat a mellow tone to ease tension
      • quickened pace
        • 'hello i say, isnt it capital you're to be in the same dormy as me'
          • energetic and  excitable
    • attention  to detail
      • disciplined classroom stylised ordered        classroom of, ' form but fair' miss Granville
        • beat one
          • put hands on chair
        • beat 2
          • pull out chair
        • beat 3
          • step to the left
        • beat 4
          • sit down
        • beat 5
          • turn to teacher


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