Written Paper Section B - Blood Brothers


Set: Mickey's Classroom Scene - 1980's

The set for the classroom scene would include:

  • Graffitied tables and chairs with pink bubble gum on to really highlight how poor people were in Liverpool. There would not be a lot of them and some people would have to share.
  • Things falling off the wall and chairs were broken a bit to highlight how things have been reused for many years because the education system has no money. This is to do with Margaret Thatcher making detrimental political changes to the working class industry which increased poverty in such areas as Liverpool.
  • Bright colours which are faded slightly to highlight things being reused and old. Also, to show the school is trying to engage the kids but failing to do so. Also, it shows the era which was full of bright colours and pop music.
  • Teachers desk which can be trundled on (is also the table is some scene) is a basic wooden table with scratchings and inking on from ink pens (typically ink type in those days). It will be filled with papers and coffee to show how much stress teachers went through because this school is full of rebellious teens.
  • A typical blackboard with swear words on to show how immature and rebellious people were in Liverpool and no one cared about it.
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Set: Edward's Classroom Scene - 1980's

The set would include:

  • New neatly set out tables and chairs with no graffiti or bubble gum on to show how clean the school is and how much money they have. It also shows how structured the school was.
  • There would be blackboard which is typical of the time but with no scratchings of swear words on because that was forbidden and private schools.
  • Teachers desk would be all neat and tidy and organised because he had the time as the kids weren't naughty and too much at some parts.
  • A big window would come down from the top and would have a projection of no boys playing but just reading books against the tree. This highlights how structured and disciplined private schools were.
  • The children would carry neatly placed brown satchels that were matching with bibles and really heavy books in to depict to the audience the type of life upper-class boys lived (to get into university you have to go to a school like Eton and have to read a lot of books. 
  • The books they use would be brown also to highlight how dull life was for those boys and how unimaginative things were in the lessons. They would also be very neat with no doodles in them once again showing how neat the school is. 
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Set: Mrs Lyon's House

The set would include:

  • A brown table with a fancy cover or spread to show her wealth because the spread would be embroidered with a gold thread which only upper-class people could afford.
  • A clean untouched rug in a dull colour either brown or beige which highlights how stuck up and snobbish people were (also how boring their lives were because they always had the same routine every day.
  • A gold ornament to show of her wealth because that is what wealthy people liked to do throughout history.
  • A bible to reinforce how religious she is or to show off once again.
  • A fancy chair with a red seat cover which highlights royalty and only the highest status an sit on it. Red has connotations of royalty but also death.
  • A chandelier would come down making the room brighter. Chandeliers are typical of rich people because it shows off their wealth once again.
  • A window will also come down with a projection of a big well-kept garden. This highlights how neat and OCD like Mrs Lyons is but also it shows they can afford a gardener. A big garden also shows off wealth.
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Set: Mrs Johnstone's Living room and Kitchen

The set would include: Living room

  • A broken table and chair to highlight she didn't have any money. Also, the table would be covered in graffiti to highlight like the classroom scene how bad it is to have that many children.
  • A ratty tatty piece of material which is supposed to be a rug in the same place as Mrs Lyon's to really show the contrast in society and wealth.
  • A few bright colours used to show warmth and happiness occurs in this home suggesting Mrs Johnstone is trying to make her kids lives better. 

The set would include: Kitchen

  • This scene is set later on in 1980's so once again bright colours on the doors.
  • There would e no fridge because it was too expensive for her.
  • A dirty rag which she uses for everything because back then things were expensive for people who had no money so things were reused until they were no more.
  • Things written on the cupboard doors - little messages to her kids and shopping lists and maybe their wishes. This shows the audience how much effort Mrs J is putting into looking after all her kids in a difficult time/era but also how special family is and how the kitchen is the heart of it. 
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Costume: Edward

7 year old:

  • Green school uniform - neatly placed socks at the knees, a green vest with a clean crisp pure white shirt that is three-quarter length, grey shorts (typical of higher status boys) and squeaky clean and polished patent lace-up shoes and a grey flat cap (also typical of the time). All of this shows the era, how much money he has and his status in society.


  • Green School uniform - same as above but a long sleeve shirt and a green jumper instead and also grey pants with a black belt with a gold buckle to once again show his wealth and status but also typically boys moved away from shorts when they were teens.
  • Jeans and a shirt when going out which shows a more casual side to Eddie but it was also fitting with the time period. He would still be wearing is big woolly coat which once again shows his wealth and status.

Older Eddie:

  •  Smart suit because he went into a business. the suit would have red suspenders as well because they were fashionable back then. But still wearing the same coat.
  • He would be the colours of his university of a scarf to show his pride of his school. 
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Costume: Mickey

7 year old:

  • Blue school uniform - a pair of black shorts with holes in, an unironed shirt with rips in, a massive blue vest which eats him up and a pair of shoes which have no laces in. This shows they are hand me downs and it shows Mrs J didn't have a lot of money. 


  • Same school outfit but - trousers with holes at the knees, a pair of white Tipexed trainers and a blue tie with pen ink on wrapped around his head. The vest finally fits him but the shirt was too small now which highlights the monetary issues there were in Liverpool at the time.
  • Would wear jeans with mud on and a ratty t-shirt which could be found at a charity shop of some band he had never heard of. 


  • A blue boiler suit when he is working in the factory.
  • A handmade knitted scarf that is falling to pieces.
  • Jeans and a t-shirt which are tatty as well because that is all he can afford.
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Costume: Linda

7 year old:

  • Yellow school dress which has green patches on because there were holes. It is very flowy and floaty so when she bounces around it does the same. This is very stereotypical little girl outfit in the era.
  • A red cardigan which is handmade because clothing was expensive so people made a lot of clothing.
  • White shoes with little white ankle socks once again shows a sweet and innocent girl which she isn't.


  • A school uniform - really short skirt (to show rebellion and to show off to Mickey), a short tie either wrapped around her wrist or as a hair tie, trainers like Mickey to show they are alike and a shirt which is a perfect fit but has an I heart Mickey on it in permanent marker.
  • Going out outfit is also a floral dress which is floaty like a Marylyn Monroe dress to show of to Mickey.


  • Jeans and a white t-shirt and a hoodie which is very typical of the time and basic because that is all she can afford. 
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Costume: Mrs Lyon's

Her outfit would consist of:

  • A tight fitting skirt to make her stand taller to show off her status and to show off her body.
  • A white blouse with some fancy frills to highlight her wealth because she can iron it and frills cost extra.
  • a black blazer to show how formal she is and she goes to work which shows to the audience who at the time had the jobs.
  • As she gets more mentally ill more of her clothing will start to have a red accent to represent the mental breakdown.
  • She will wear high heels to enhance her status.
  • Her clothing shall be dull to represent her life and personality.
  • A woolly coat like Edward's that looks really expensive.
  • Stockings on under her skirt for modesty.
  • The colour yellow might be present which has connotations of mentally insane which is what she becomes. 
  • She will wear pearls around her neck to show off her wealth.
  • All her clothing shall be pattern free which shows structure and neatness and less confusion which is a contradiction to her mental state.
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Costume: Mrs Johnstone

Her outfit consists of:

  • A knitted skirt which she made because she has not a lot of money.
  • A floral dress to try and get some happiness into her life.
  • A white shirt when she is cleaning Mrs Lyon's house to try and make out she can pull herself together and present herself well.
  • Her clothes are purple which shows a sense of cold or sadness towards making the audience feel sympathy and empathy for her.
  • She would have a tatty work apron with holes in because she wears it most days to work in.
  • She would try and have clean black patent shoes to look presentable but sometimes they would have mud on which shows the long journey it took for her to get to her work.
  • She would wear a handknitted scarf either in black, grey or pink which is very neutral and can be worn with any outfit.
  • A posh coat for when she is working in Mrs Lyon's house or is going out to once again try and present herself in a good way.
  • She would have this pendant from her husband with a picture of Edward in it as a baby because she wants to keep him close to her heart. 
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Costume: Narrator

His outfit would consist of:

  • A clean, crisp black suit as if he is a businessman. Because it is clean, shows he has money as well or does he. The crisp side of it suggests it is new and hasn't been worn before. It looks a bit modern suggesting he is from the future to tell this story about the past.
  • He would wear a red tie which has connotations of death, danger and corruption which is what he tries to embody.
  • He has shiny patent shoes which aren't squeaky so he can sneak up on people and the audience and scare them.
  • A white shirt which is just rather basic but looks really nice and posh.
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  • Minimal makeup because it is expensive only would wear it when going out somewhere nice.


  • Would have scratches and bruises put on and maybe mud and some parts to show he is rough.


  • A babyface so just stage makeup.

Mrs Lyons:

  • A lot of makeup because she can afford it but it would be subtle.

Mrs Johnstone:

  • Minimal makeup because it is expensive and she works for most of the day.
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Whole stage setting

What will be on stage:

  • Mrs Johnstone's house and door so very banged up (house number falling off and letterbox broke) but windows shall be immaculate because she cleans a lot.
  • Alleyway which is lit but looks scary suggesting it's in a dodgy part of Liverpool where Mickey and Linda have grown up.
  • A bridge which the Narrator stands on that comes down from the top to show who has the higher power in the scene and how he watches everything.
  • Loads of exits and entrances showing it is a street of houses without it showing all the houses.
  • A projection at the back either a countryside when they go there or a town scene.
  • The other side of the stage is more houses - the exit of Mrs Lyons house so really well kept and flowers around it showing off her house.
  • A balcony above Mrs Lyons house which is hers so she can also watch down and sow who has the power in the situation but it also shows she has a posh expensive house.
  • Windows will come down when needed and depict something relating to the scene performed below.
  • Tables and chairs can be trundled on via a machine quickly so the scene flow.
  • There isn't a lot of big set pieces that move which makes everything easier.
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  • When it is in the countryside bright yellow lighting making it seem a happy place.
  • In Liverpool, very dark light like blue suggesting a poor area and a place full of smoke from the factories.
  • At nighttime, streetlights light the streets so lighting is minimal which creates shadows but reinforces which part of Liverpool they are in.
  • Alleyway is lit to look scary and dodgy.
  • Spotlights used to emphasise who is speaking or if it's a solo song to highlight them.
  • Use of red light when the two brothers die because red has connotations of death and corruptions.
  • A blue light and flashing lights will be used when Mickey is reading his application form and when everyone is circling him with letters creating an image of his brain not coping with the situation and blue is a very sad colour. 
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Good overall outline of design ideas.

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