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  • Section 17
    • Factors effecting ICT
      • Cultral
        • Where people live
          • People find it difficult to understand english and can't use technology
        • Economic background
        • Age and experience
          • Older people might not be able to get access to internet or use chip and pin
      • Economic
        • The companies need to evaluate the cost of development and the benefit they get back from it
      • Enviromental
        • Increased reource consumption
        • Disposal of  old equipment
      • Ethical
        • Theft of people's information
        • Easy access to indecent images
        • Spamming people
      • Legal i
        • Fraud
        • terrorism
        • Paedophiles
      • Social
        • Cyber-bullying using social networking sites
        • People losing social skill because they are spending too much time online
        • Cheaper price online so lose of high street and local shops
    • Application
      • Education
        • Ict has cause children to rely on the internet for research
        • ICT has allowed people from other countries to learn in our country from home
        • It has allowed for electronic registers saving time and making it easier to ensure everyone is in school
      • Commercial
        • It has allowed for EPOS making it easier for people to pay and a lot faster
        • It has allowed people to shop online and allowed more people to set up business easier
        • It has allowed companies to email customers in bulk with offers and updates
      • Home
        • It has made banking at home possible and safe
        • It has allowed people to play games online
        • It has helped people talk to people from all over the world
        • it has made digital photography possible
      • Work
        • It has allowed people to work from home and contact work from home
        • It has opened up the potential job pool as ICT technicians are needed to look after the system
        • It has taken the social aspect of work out as people can email the person instead of talking to them
      • Medicine
        • Hospital and doctors' administration has been organised by the use of ICT
        • Medical records are safer and more private
        • It has improved monitoring systems
        • It has made expert opinions more accessible as people can email them


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