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Computers in Schools
Not a very impressive record
­ 1980's ­ 1 micro.…read more

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Possible benefits of ICT today
WP, SS and DTP applications widely used to
improve the presentation of projects and
Access to Internet offers unlimited sources
­ Discuss pros and cons of internet materials
Interactive teaching packages available on CD
Distance learning facilities
Links to other schools or businesses
­ International cooperation feasible
Facilities available for students with disabilities…read more

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Will computers replace teachers?
Technology will make teachers redundant ...
Pupils will lose the skills of social interaction ...…read more

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Will computers replace teachers?
At the same time, there are disadvantages in
this method of learning.…read more

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Useful applications for Education
­ Use of text, graphics, animation, video and sound to
produce educational materials
­ Packages available to allow pupils to create their own
multimedia projects
Authoring Software
­ Software which allows any user (pupils or otherwise) to
create multimedia applications
The Internet in schools
­ Benefits
­ Dangers…read more


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