4.3.2 - The Internet - Search Engines

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  • Search Engines
    • How do search engines work and how are pages added to a search engine?
      • Websites can be registered with a search engine by filling out a form
      • Web crawlers
        • A web crawler is a program which accesses web pages and creates an index based upon its content
          • The index is the search engines database which it accesses during a search to allow for fast responses
    • Accessing Information
      • Web Crawlers
        • used by search engines to provide searchable indexes
      • URL
        • Universal Resource Locator
        • To access the website, simply type in the name of the URL into the address bar
      • Hyperlinks
        • Hyperlinks are used to surf from one site to another
        • Hyperlinks are usually underlined and in a different font colour to the rest of the text
    • Getting the most of your search
      • Exact Matches
        • Using speech marks around a phrase will ensure an exact match of words is on the webpages being searched rather than words randomly on a page
      • Boolean Searches
        • AND
          • Using "AND" will ensure that you get results with the words you are looking for
        • OR
          • Using "OR" in a search will search for one or another phrase
            • E.g. Baking Recipes OR Oven recipes
        • NOT
          • Will not search for words which may commonly be associated with your search
    • Order of Results
      • Sponsored matches are more likely to come up first
      • The site most selected by other users with the same/similar searches
      • Closest match to the words in the search
      • Pages which are most linked to the search engine or most used are more likely to come up first


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