The Internet - Distributed Computing & Finding Info Online

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  • The Internet
    • Finding Info Online
      • URLs
        • The address for a webpage
      • Web Crawler
        • Program that automaticallybrowses webpages
        • Returns data about the web pages so they can be indexed
        • Often by a search engine to enable fast, accurate searches
        • Can be used to check websites for broken links
      • Boolean Searches
        • Combine words and phrases using AND OR NOT and NEAR to limit, widen or define search
      • Hyperlinks
        • An area of a webpage used to move from one area of interest to another
    • Distributed Computing
      • Definition
        • A series of computers are networked together, each working on solving the same problem, sharing processing, storage and bandwidth required.
      • Example
        • SETI - Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
          • Uses lots of radio telescopes to scan for signals from outer space.
      • Advantages
        • Reduces cost - expensive powerful computer not needed
        • Send work to any computer in the world
        • Improved performance as each computer works on part of data
        • To gain more processing power, add more computers
      • Disadvantages
        • Security - data spread across locations
        • Heavy reliance on networks
        • Increased costs due to expensive communication lines


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