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Sea level change

Why is sea level change important?

High population living in coastal areas.
Profoundly alters coastal system- everything changes- position of coast,
energy budgets, sediment budgets and coastal landforms.

Types of seas level change


Absolute change in the volume of water.
Oceans hold 97% of water and…

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Drowned river valleys. Fluvial erosion creates deep river valleys, flooded
by rising sea levels. Flooding of main river valley and tributaries e.g. river
After ice sheets melted, wide valleys flooded forming wide, tidal, sediment
rich river mouths such as the Thames estuary.
In hilly areas, such as in…

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Response project-produce maps of existing information which can be used
to identify potential hazards, risks and inform planning.
HOLSMEER project- set up to investigate marine change in shallow coastal
areas. Data used o provide time markers of sea level change.


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