Coasts - Sea Level Rise

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  • Sea-level Rise
    • Sea Level change......
      • over  time it has risen and fallen fluctures
      • The sea is tidal so it becomes high and lower during the day
      • Links to ice age and major global events
    • Hydrological Cycle
      • Closed System
        • fixed quantity of water on Earth
          • this changes state to..
            • Solid (Ice)
            • Liquid (Water)
            • Gas (Water Vapour)
    • Types of Changes
      • Eustastic
        • Water changing in relation to land
        • Alteration in volume in the ocean
          • Fall in sea level = will fill up again after an ice age (this take place during and after)
      • Isostatic
        • Land changing in relation to the sea
        • Links to tectonic change of the ocean basin
    • Key Terms
      • Emergence
        • the impact of relative fall in sea level
        • Emergent Landorms
          • Raised beaches and are developed above sea level
            • E.g. Aaran, West Scotland
      • Submergence
        • the impact of a relative rise in sea level
        • Submergent Landforms
          • Water floods the land & fills up
          • Rias
            • typical river valley but have more water
            • cross section of a Ria
              • For lower course -> floodplain gets flooded
            • Coastal inlet formed by the partial submergence of an un-glacial river valley
            • Dendritic -> can be straight without tributries
          • Fjords
            • steeper & deeper variants of Rias
            • have 'U' shaped cross section
            • deeper inland than to mouth
              • due to glacier deposited its load
            • e.g. Sognefjorde
          • Dalmatian Coast
            • valleys lie in parallel to each other
              • flood due to the rise in sea level
            • Croatia


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