Coastal Landscape Development: Landforms caused by changing sea level.

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Landforms caued by changing sea level

Changes  in sea level affect the shape of the coastline and the formation of new landforms. A fall in sea level exposes land and previously covered by the sea, creating an emergent coastline. A rise in sea level floods the coast and creates a submergent coastline. 

Emergent Coastal Landforms 

As the land rose as a result of isostatic recovery, former wave cut platforms and thier beaches were raised above the present sea level. Raised beaches are common on the west coast of Scotland, where the remains of eroded cliff lines (called relic cliffs) can often ne found behind the raised beach, with wave cut notches and caves as evidence of past marine erosion. 

Wave-cut (marine) platforms can also be exposed if sea levels fall sufficiently, although these are often hidden beneath fresh beach deposits. 

Submergent coastal landforms 

Essentially, submergence results in the flooding of coastlines…


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