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  • Coasts
    • Processes of coastal erosion and its landforms
      • Landforms
      • Weathering and Erosion
      • Sea-level rise
    • Why coasts need to be managed
      • Impact of human activities on coasts
      • Impact of coastal processes on humans
    • What is a coastal system
      • Sediment Cells
      • The coastal system
      • Dynamic Equilibrium
      • Waves
    • Methods used to manage coastal environments
      • Management of impacts of human activities on coasts
      • Management of impacts of coastal processes on humans
      • Assessment of the success of strategies
    • Processes of coastal deposition and its landforms
      • Landforms of coastal deposition
      • Transport and Deposition
      • Sea-level rises
    • Role of geology in development of coastal landforms
      • Concordant and Disconcordant
      • Hard and Soft rock cliffs
      • Rock Types


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