Scale Of Production

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  • Scale of Production
    • One-Off Production
    • Batch Production
      • Can be repeated as many times as necessary.
      • One process on the whole batch
      • Is used to manufacture many of one product.
      • The machinery and workforce need to be flexible.
      • The time between batches, when machines and tools may have to be set up differently or changed.
        • This is called down time.
          • This wastes money - because your not making anything to sell.
      • Sometimes you get a backlog of half-made products, so it's not as efficient as mass production.
    • Mass Production
      • This method is used to produce thousands of identical products.
        • Examples include newspapers and magazines.
      • Each worker does a small pat of the process = specialization.
      • Relatively expensive.
      • Staff do not need to be highly skilled.
      • Uses CAD/CAM.
    • Continuous Production
      • Extremely expensive.
      • Conditions need to be constant.
      • The equipment is built to make huge amounts of only one thing.


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