black power

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  • Black Power
    • Ideas
      • Purely black society where white people would not trespass.
      • Racial integration regected
    • 1966: Black Panthers (BPP)
      • Formed by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
      • What they did
        • 1968:Hampton-  Free Food programe for poor
        • 1968: Hampton-Free Medical Research Health Clinics- basic health care for poor
        • Intercommunal Youth Band to give community pride to movement
        • Hampton: Political education classes
        • Hampton persuaded Chicago's most powerful street gangs to stop fighting each other
          • Led to 1969 non-aggression pact
          • Led to Rainbow coalition (multicultural alliance)
      • Actions
        • Seal sent to prison in 1968 for inciting riots, and was then charged with murdering a former black panther
        • 1969: police raid their headquarters in Chicago
          • Police claim Panthers open fire (Hampton and another panther accidentally killed)
            • Panthers arrested and charged
            • 1 shot: Panthers 100+ shots: police
      • Support?
        • 1966 survey
    • Nation on Islam (NOI)
      • Aims
        • Get Black Americans to follow Islam and reject Christianity ( white religion)
        • Form a better society of their own
      • Run by Elijah Muhammed


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