Strengths and weaknesses PY1

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  • S&W
    • Cognitive
      • Scientific
        • clear predictions/ discover causal relationships
          • Loftus and Zanni
          • Heider and Simmel
      • Mediational
        • Focuses on the important 'Processes' that occur between stimulus and response - Black box
          • Perception and memory affect the way we respond to the world around us
      • Nature and Nurture
        • Looks and internal and external factors such as FAE ignores other factors
          • Genes, hormones and social factors ignored
      • Deterministic
        • Schemas - direct experiences
          • Cognitive development is the dev of schemas. Child call everything with hair and four legs dog - later knows cat and dog
            • Sterotypes
    • Psycho
      • Nature and Nurture
        • Nature        Id, Ego, Superego
        • Nurture               Childhood Experience
      • Useful
        • Freud recognised psychological factors could explain physical symptoms
        • Childhood dev = Critical , Who we are and become is influenced by our childhood
      • Deterministic
        • Childhood experiences - No free will in who we become or how we behave
      • Reductionist
        • Id, ego and superego and early childhood experiences  - ignores biochemistry and gentics
    • Biological
      • Scientific
        • Psychosurgry- removing parts of the brain
          • Control , causal relationships
      • Successful Applications
        • Selye - link stress to illness
          • Led to many forms of treatment for mental disorders
      • Not Nurture
        • Doest look at life experiences and psychological factors such as how we think and feel
      • Nomothetic
        • When stressed some people produce higher levels of adrenaline than others
          • Women and men different biological systems
    • Behaviourist
      • Scientific
        • Bandura / skinner
      • Successful applications
        • Teachers use operant conditioning
          • Positive /negative reinforcement have helped shaped behaviour
      • Uses animals
        • Generalised to humans
      • Determinist
        • Behaviour is influenced by environment stimuli (classical conditioning) or rewards/ punishment (operant)
          • No free wiill
  • Scientific
    • clear predictions/ discover causal relationships
      • Loftus and Zanni
      • Heider and Simmel


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