Sampling techniques - T1

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  • Sampling techniques - T1
    • Definitions
      • Population
        • Number of organisms of a species in a certain area.
      • Community
        • Population of organisms that live together and interact live in the same are.
      • Relationship
        • Interaction between organisms that live together and affect each other.
      • Distribution
        • Detail of where species are found over the total area where they occur.
    • Techniques
      • Pooters
      • Transect lines
        • Organisms that touch tape counted.
      • Pitfall traps
      • Quadrats
        • Define an area. Organisms counted then multiplied by total area of the habitat.
      • Nets
    • Capture-recapture
      • Method
        • 3. Recapture and count second sample in same area.
        • 2. Release them.
        • 4. Count total number recaptured.
        • 1. Capture sample. Mark and count.
        • Population size = number in 1st x number in second / number in 2nd previously marked.
      • Assumptions
        • Sampling method used is the same.
        • Marking does not affect survival.
        • No death, immigration or emigration has occurred.


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