Organisms and their environment

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How does the environment affect the organisms living in it?

  • The conditions in an environment determine which organisms can survive in it
  • The icy conditions of the Arctic and the humid heat of the rainforest each present challeneges for living organisms
  • They must be adapted to their environment and be able to respond to any changes
  • Ecologists study the biodiversity of life found in an ecosystem or habitat, where a particular organism is found (its distribution), as well as how many individuals there are in a group of the same species (the population size).
  • These data are used to monitor changes in population size or distribution or to test hypotheses about what sort of organisms exist in a certain place
  • Sampling means looking at a small portion of an area of population
  • In random sampling every point within an area has an equal chance of being selected
  • This means the sample is likely to be representative of the whole area

Sampling techniques

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