Sampling Techniques

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  • Sampling techniques
    • Target population- group of people researcher is interested in
    • Opportunity sample
      • Sample of ppts produced by selecting people there at the time.
      • + Easiest method- use first ppts you can find.
      • - Inevitably biased- sample drawn from small part of target population.
    • Random sampling
      • Produced by using a random technique, e.g. drawing people from a hat
      • +Unbiased- all members of target population have equal chance of being selected.
      • - Takes more time and effort than other methods.
    • Self-selected sample
      • Ppts volunteer
      • +Convenient way of finding willing ppts.
        • +Ppts less likely to drop out.
      • - Biased, Volunteers likely to have similar charcteristics, volunteer bias.
    • Snowball sampling
      • Relies in referrals from initial ppts to generate additional ppts.
      • + Enables researcher to locate groups of people who are difficult to access.
      • -Sample not likely to be good cross-section from population, friends of friends.


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