Quotations on Sammy from the book

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  • Sammy Quotations:
    • 'unless you let me out of here.'
    • 'He missed'
    • 'I got you. I shot ya. And ya bloody know I did I get ya. I shot ya'.
    • 'My name's professor Howe An' zees bomb I 'old ea can destroy ze' empishphere I've primied it, I've timed it to explode' (As you can see this is in poor english more like slang terms does this suggest Sammy has a poor education can you make a PEE on it?)
    • 'BaZooka!'
      • 'Come on guy let's go and play in that field.'
    • 'Then I suggest you cover your ears'.
    • 'Bin lid-but you know that if you cross your fingers'.
    • 'Cowboys COWBOYS'
    • 'Is that in the country mother?'
    • 'Don't miss about with me, pal, I said give! Listen, it's not a toy know we're not playin' game Ya don't get up again if one of theses hits ya'
      • 'quick, get in the house anbolt the bleeding door'.
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