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  • Sammy
    • Child
      • 'Underground den' - hidden from authority
      • 'Draws nudey women' - Unruly and defiant
      • Steals "half-crowns" - foreshadows his life of crime
      • 'He wees straight through the letter box' - naughty and mischievous
      • "I wish I was our Sammy" - admired by Mickey
      • 'Mickey is singled out' by Sammy and his gang - cruel
      • "He's a friggin' poshy" - social divide
    • Teenager
      • "Our Sammy burnt the school down" - destroys opportunities
      • "The dole" - Sammy relies on benefits before the recession when he is capable of finding a job and working
      • 'He produces a knife' (bus scene) - quickly resorts to violence
      • "He's always been a soft get" - always associated with crime
      • Mickey no longer admires Sammy - divide widens
    • Adult
      • 'Spendin' your days idlin' round like our Sammy' - doesn't care
      • "Shooters" - immature
      • 'Sammy splits out the back' - abandons Mickey
      • "What've y' got? Nothin'" - emotionally blackmails Mickey
      • "Move, I've got to get this hid" - no responsibility
      • "All we need is someone to keep the eye for us" - Relies on Mickey


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