Blood Brothers: Sammy Quotations

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  • "Mam, our Sammy's robbed me other gun" / "He robbed me toy car y'know"
  • "You let our Sammy go up there."
  • "I wish I was our Sammy / Our Sammy's nearly ten."
  • "An' he said when he took it, it was just like that, But it wasn't, it went dead straight"
  • "Y' wanna see him spit"
  • "He draws nudey women, Without arms, or legs, or even heads"
  • "'Cos if our Sammy gives y' a sweet he's usually weed on it first."
  • "It is. If y' our Sammy."
  • "I hope he's in a good mood. He's dead mean sometimes."
  • Sammy leaps out in front of them, gun in hand, pointed at them.
  • "Give us a sweet."
  • Sammy laughs at Edward's voice and Mickey's misfortune
  • "I'm gonna get a real gun soon."
  • "They're just kids."
  • "Sammy. SAMMY! Get off that bleedin' cow before I kill you."
  • "What? (He stands)."
  • "**** off. (He produces a knife. To the conductor.) Now move, you. Move! Give me the bag."
  • Sammy leaps from the 'bus' and is pursued by two policemen.
  • "We don't use the shooters. They're just frighteners."
  • "Don't **** about with me pal... I said give!"
  • "Quick, get in the house an' bolt the ******' door."
  • "I know I bloody did."
  • Sammy splits out the back.
  • Sammy steals from Mickey, harmless at this stage but foreshadows events to come.
  • Sammy isn't kept on as tight of a leash as Mickey as he's older, allowed to do what he wants. Mrs J's lack of discipline.
  • Mickey looks up to Sammy, he can do what he wants and is treated with more respect
  • Takes advantage of being the older brother, lies to Mickey
  • Lacks manners
  • Immature and always breaking the rules
  • Likes to play tricks on people
  • Everyone else is the victim, only Sammy comes out on top
  • Picks on Mickey, Mickey is the victim
  • Dominant, rudely interrupts
  • Imperative shows his demanding nature, rude
  • Used to having the upper hand
  • Foreshadowing, unaware of the dangers of guns at this stage
  • Puts on front, reputation with other children
  • Up to his old tricks, he's isn't going to change because of a change in location
  • Threatening/aggressive
  • Increasing violence, not a game any more like in scene 1
  • Found himself in a cycle of crime
  • Downplays seriousness of job, makes it seem easy
  • Aggressive, isn't a kids game any more. Builds tension: only bad can come of this job
  • Contrast to Mickey, in charge and in control
  • Not as concerned about shooting the man
  • Cowardly

Other Information

  • He is an aggressive and threatening kind of character who the audience would recognise. From the start of the play he is shown to enjoy making fun of others, especially Mickey.
  • He is presented as anti-social and criminal, threatening a bus conductor with a knife and killing a filling station worker.
  • He has no outlet for his hostile tendencies, he has no job or money.


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