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  • Sammy
    • Sammy is a bully and bullies Mickey "Sammy's robbed me other gun"
    • Sammy is a destructive boy. He is also rebellious because Russell tells us he spits. Unruly
    • Russell is suggesting there is a dangerous side to Sammy
    • Sammy is a ruler breaker - pees through letter boxes
      • Steals money and ****
    • It is symbolic that Russell presents Sammy as having a toy gun at the start, hints at the life of violence and crime that Sammy ends up involved in
    • "Gis a sweet" Demanding, bullying tone
    • Sammy wants to get a toy gun - "I'm gonna get a real gun soon"
      • Foreshadows life of crime
    • Sammy is really aggressive towards Eddie "What are you lookin' at"
    • Russell brings the theme of class to the forefront "He's a frggin' poshy"
    • It is significant that Russell presesnts Sammy alongside death


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