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  • Rosenhan
    • Study 2
      • Aim
        • See if insane can be diagnosed as sane
      • Method
        • Rosenhan told hospitals that they would send more pseudopatients to their hospital
        • They then asked staff how many pseudopatients they thought they had seen
        • They didn't send any
      • Findings
        • During a 3 month period 193 patients were admitted
        • 19 were thought by a psychiatrist and one other member of staff that they were pseudopatients
        • 23 were thought by at least one psychiatrist to be a pseudopatient
        • 41 were thought by 2 members of staff to be pseudopatients
    • Study 1
      • Aim
        • The classification system used by psychiatrists were not reliable
      • Method
        • Each patient would say that they were hearing voices saying 'empty' 'hollow' and 'thud'.
        • Pseudopatients would prove accurate details of their lives, except for name and occupation (if related to psychology)
        • When they were admitted they would go back to acting normal, and report they were no longer hearing voices
      • Findings
        • All pseudopatients were admitted
        • Eleven were diagnosed with schizophrenia and one was diagnosed with bipolar disorder
        • They were there from 7 to 52 days
      • Participants
        • 8 pseudopatients (5 males and 3 females) with no history of mental illness
          • One male was Rosenhan himself
    • Conclusion
      • It is not possible to distinguish the sane from the insane
      • Individuals with mental health issues are better served by community programmes, more sensitive workers, an a focus on behaviours




i love how you summarise it :D

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