Roles of men and women

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  • Roles of men and woman
    • In family
      • Women light sabbath candles
      • W not obliged to pray 3X a day or to wear tzizit/ tephilin
      • Must both dress modestly: "Without modesty, there can be no intimacy"
      • M & W are equal
        • However,  ORTHADOX jews believe they have specific roles
          • W look after  house/ family: "She gets up while it is dark; she provides food for the family" - Proverb 31
          • Men earn money
          • "Her husband has full confidence in her"
        • REFORM jews believe ok 4 W to work aswell as do housework as can do what they want
          • Times have changed so v. acceptable 4 W to have impotent/ high-paid job
    • In synagogue
      • M/W sit separately (In Reform they can)
      • W can not form part of minyan needed for certain prayers
      • W not obliged/ meant to read the Torah (In Reform they can)
      • Is ORTHADOX judaism sexist?
        • Seems like men doing all important jobs
        • W could be considered more spiritual by nature so don't need to pray
        • Didn't want mitzvah to interfere with domestic role of women
        • Not suitable 4 hard labour work - men physically stronger


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