Role of Education. New Labour. 

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  • Role of Education. New Labour.
    • New Right policies
      • continued with marketisation of schools. continued with diversity.
        • bought LEA back in. introduction of specialist schools, academies and faith schools.
          • BUT SMITHERS argues specialisms are meaningless and that most schools only opted for one because of extra funds.
          • city academies programmes BUT could say this is partly social democratic intervening to raise standards etc of sinking schools in poor areas.
      • continued with parental choice.
        • league tables in 1992.
          • drive up standards, competition.
        • truancy tables in 1993.
          • drive up standards, competition.
    • social democratic stance.
      • intervention to raise achievement of lower social classes,
        • EAZs, EICs, Sure Start, EMA,
        • increasing numbers going to uni - 50% of all 18yrs.
        • Aim Higher, post-code lottery for uni.
    • role was to give parents choice through the free market but also to intervene to ensure that children from poorer backgrounds had opportunities to succeed.
    • continued with a new right philosophy BUT adopted a social democratic stance by intervention in education.
    • BUT despite aims to help poorer social class still created inequalities. MIDDLE CLASS take advanatge of marketisation of schools (Ball et al, Whitty, Gerwitz et al) and they argue they have little choice the schools choose them.


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