The role of education in society

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  • Role of education in society
    • Functionalism
      • Socialisation
        • Talcott Parsons
          • Education helps produce a value consensus
      • Skills provision
        • Education teaches the skills required by a modern society
      • Role allocation
        • Davis and Moore
          • Education allocates people to the most appropriate job for their talents, using exams and qualifications
    • Marxism
      • Louis Althusser
        • Education reproduces the inequalities and social relations of production in capitalist society
          • Legitimates the inequalities through the myth of meritocracy
      • Pierre Bourdieu
        • Working classes are duped into accepting that  their failure and limited social mobility are justified
      • Correspondence theory
        • Bowles and Gintis
          • Education is controlled by capitalists and serves their interests
    • Neo-marxism
      • Henry Giroux
        • The working class actively shape their own education and sometimes resist the discipline  imposed on them by schools
      • Paul Willis
        • Learning to Labour
    • New Right
      • Chubb and Moe
        • State education is unresponsive to the needs of pupils and parents and tends to have low standards
    • Postmodernism
      • Usher, Bryan and Johnston
        • Adult education
      • Haralambos and Holborn
        • There is greater centralisation in some aspects of education rather than greater diversity and choice


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